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The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC for short) convened today within Paris' National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts. The three-day gathering features workshops and presentations to help unify the international Ethereum community. Indeed, the event is open to all, from tech experts and crypto enthusiasts to those non-technically inclined and Ethereum newbies.

Speakers include several Ethereum heavyweights, such as Vlad Zamfir, Lane Rettig, and Hudson Jameson of the Ethereum Foundation; Simon de la Rouviere and Evan Van Ness of ConsenSys; and Simona Pop and Mark Beylin of the Bounties Network, among a litany of other notable attendees. Programming ranges from the flippantly named "No Shit: A DApp with Thousands of Users and No ICO" to "The Path Towards Decentralized Governance & True Sovereignty."

Although there is a surfeit of blockchain conferences, EthCC distinguishes itself by focusing on the Ethereum community. EthCC is a not-for-profit event – rather than charging exorbitant registration fees, EthCC sells tickets at cost to allow as many individuals to come, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Further, a core component of the conference is to connect community members from all around the globe. As such, there are various meetups and reunions to strengthen Etherean bonds and cultivate positive relationships. Put more bluntly, EthCC is not your tech bro's shillfest.

The event continues for two more days, through March 7, at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts. However, EthCC is part of Paris' larger Community Blockchain Week taking place from March 4-10, concluding with the ETHParis hackathon from March 8-10.